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Ejercicio - el comparativo del adverbio.

Hay que hacer frases comparativas de los adverbios en paréntesis. Utiliza un comparativo positivo  (ver ejemplo 1) o, cuándo ves " - ", usa el comparativo negativo, ver ejemplo 2.

Ejemplo 1
She dresses (attractively) than her friends.

more attractively   

Ejemplo 2
John spoke (- confidently) when the expert arrived.

less confidently   


1) He drives (quickly) when he's with his girlfriend.

2) We thought Rafael sang (well) last night.

3) (Interestingly), the climate seems to be getting colder not warmer.


4) He shouted even (angrily) when he saw the damage.

5) I'm studying English (often) now than I did before.

6) They visit each other (- frequently) now they have jobs.

7) The professor spoke (- intelligently) after two or three whiskies.

8) Mary swam (fast) but Melissa swam (far) .

9) My uncle arrived (soon) than I expected.

10) John finished the exam (early) than I did so I had to stay (late) .



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1) more quickly / quicker

2) better

3) More interestingly

4) more angrily

5) more often / oftener (menos común)

6) less frequently

7) less intelligently

8) faster - further / farther

9) sooner

10) earlier - later

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