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Ejercicio - condicional segundo - varios auxiliares modales.

Elige la respuesta correcta empleando las palabras entre paréntesis. Todas las frases deben ser en el segundo condicional inglés.

If I (get/got) a good job, I (bought/could buy) my own house.

got                    could buy         


1) If I (got/get) a good mark in my degree, I (could do/did) a Masters degree.

2) If house prices (went down/go down) this year, we (might buy/bought) a house by the sea.

3) I think I (used/should use) this special shampoo if the problem (would come back/came back) .

4) If Steve's mother (would have to go/had to go) into hospital, his uncle (looked after/would look after) him.

5) If you (walked/would walk) on these cold floors, you (got/could get) pneumonia.

6) Melissa says that if she (would see/saw) you again, she (didn't speak/wouldn't speak) to you.

7) If the baby (started/might start) crying, you (could give/gave) her some milk?

8) The cat (might get out/got out) if you (would leave/left) a window open.

9) If we (had/would have) lunch now, we (could have/had) a swim later.

10) If you (would put on/put on) sun cream, you (wouldn't burn/burnt) on the beach.



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1, got - could do

2, went down - might buy

3, should use - came back

4, had to go - would look after

5, walked - could get

6, saw - wouldn't speak

7, started - could give

8, might get out - left

9, had - could have

10, put on - wouldn't burn

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