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Ejercicio - condicional tercero - varios auxiliares modales.

Elige la solución correcta empleando las palabras entre paréntesis. Todas las frases deben ser en el tercer condicional inglés. 

If I (would to have studied/had studied) for a good profession, I (had bought/could have bought) my own flat.

had studied                    could have bought         


1) If I (had got/got) a good mark in my Masters, I (could do/could have done) a Phd.

2) If property prices (did go down/had gone down) last year, we (might have bought/might bought) a cottage in the country.

3) I think you (should used/should have used) a special soap if the problem (would come back/had come back) .

4) If little Johnny's parents (would have gone/had gone) on holiday, his aunt (would looked after/would have looked after) him.

5) If she (had walked/would have walked) on these cold floors without slippers, she (could have got/could to have got) a bad cold.

6) If Melissa (saw/had seen) you again, she (hasn't spoke/wouldn't have spoken) to you.

7) If the baby (had started/should start to) crying, you (should have given/should had given) her some juice.

8) The dog (might have got out/got out) if you (would have left/had left) the door open.

9) If we (had had/would have had) breakfast earlier, we (could have gone/had gone) swimming this morning.

10) If you (would put on/had put on) sun cream, you (wouldn't have burnt/hadn't burnt) on the beach.



*Incorrect answers are shown in red. You have two chances to find the correct answers.

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1) had got - could have done

2) had gone down - might have bought

3) should have used - had come back

4) had gone - would have looked after

5) had walked - could have got

6) had seen - wouldn't have spoken

7) had started - should have given

8) might have got out - had left

9) had had - could have gone

10) had put on - wouldn't have burnt

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