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Ejercicio - enough su posición en la frase.

Escribe las palabras entre paréntesis más la palabra enough en el orden correcto.

The shoes are size 40. I'm size 43. (big)
The shoes are not                 .

big enough    


1) John is 175cms tall. The shelf is 2 metres high. (tall)
John isn't .

2) I've got 80 euros. The chair costs 100 euros. (money)
I haven't got .

3) Mary needs to work five days a week. She only works two days a week. (work)
Mary doesn't .

4) You need to be very intelligent to do this job. Steve isn't very intelligent. (intelligent)
Steve isn't .

5) I like the water to be very warm when I go swimming. (warm)
The water today isn't .

6) You need 250 grammes of sugar to make this cake. I've only got 100 grammes. (sugar)
I haven't got .

7) You need to swim fast to win races. You can't swim very fast. (fast)
You can't swim .

8) I'm really busy today. I can't go to the cinema. (time)
I don't have to go to the cinema.

9) You look tired. You should sleep more. (sleep)
I don't think you .

10) This village won't win the World Heritage award. It's too dirty. (clean)
This village isn't .



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1) tall enough

2) enough money

3) work enough

4) intelligent enough

5) warm enough

6) enough sugar

7) fast enough

8) enough time

9) sleep enough

10) clean enough

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