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Ejercicio - enough con cantidades.

Escribe la palabra que falta entre paréntesis más la palabra enough.

He wants to go to university but... (qualifications)
He hasn't got enough qualifications                .


1) John wants to buy a new car but... (money)
He hasn't got .

2) I'd like to start a hobby but... (time)
I haven't got .

3) Mrs Harrison wants to make a cake but... (flour)
She hasn't got .

4) I don't think we'll reach the next petrol station (petrol)
We haven't got .

5) Mary can't make herself a dress. (material)
She hasn't got .

6) This isn't a very good party. (people)
There aren't .

7) John doesn't walk to work. (energy)
He hasn't got .

8) This coffee isn't very nice. (sugar)
It hasn't got .

9) Mike always looks tired. (sleep)
He doesn't get .

10) Paquito is crying again. (sweets)
He says he hasn't got .



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1) enough money

2) enough time

3) enough flour

4) enough petrol

5) enough material

6) enough people

7) enough energy

8) enough sugar

9) enough sleep

10) enough sweets

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