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Ejercicio - presente perfecto continuo - for, since.

Escribe since o for en los espacios.

I 've been sitting here                   10.00 o'clock this morning.



1) I've been waiting for this bus half past.

2) The company have been selling snacks over six months now.

3) Mary has been working freelance she lost her office job.

4) I've been studying English grammar early this morning and I still don't understand very well.

5) It's been raining last Wednesday!

6) That strange man has been standing on the corner nearly two hours.

7) I've been having problems with these glasses I bought them last week.

8) John has been seeing Mary again about a week now.

9) Sorry! How long have you been waiting ?

10) I've been wanting to to have a word with you quite some time.


*Incorrect answers are shown in red. You have two chances to find the correct answer.

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1. since

2. for

3. since

4. since

5. since

6. for

7. since

8. for

9. for (o sin preposición)

10. for

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