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Ejercicio - going to para planes.

Lee las frases y completa el plan con "going to" y el mismo verbo empleado en la frase anterior. Ver ejemplo:

Ejemplo: I want to see Les Miserables.

Respuesta: I'm going to see    that show on Saturday.


1) I want to study Chinese. I'm it next year.

2) John needs to take a holiday. He's one this summer.

3) We must have a break. We're a short one later.

4) They need volunteers to help with the marathon. We're with the marathon next weekend.

5) Mary wants to do more exercise. She's some swimming next month.

6) I'd love to visit Havana! I'm that city next year.

7) I've always wanted to go down the Nile. I'm down the Nile for my next holiday.

8) I've never tried bagels. I'm them when I go to New York.

9) I'm fed up staying at home. I want to walk somewhere. I'm by the river this weekend.

10) Steve's daughter wants to change her school. She's schools in September.


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1) going to study

2) going to take

3) going to have

4) going to help

5) going to do

6) going to visit

7) going to go

8) going to try

9) going to walk

10) going to change


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