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Ejercicio - verbos irregulares pasado simple (K a S).

Elige los verbos de la lista aquí debajo y escribirlos en el pasado simple en los espacios de cada frase. Usar cada verbo una vez sólo.


I  left  my umbrella on the bus yesterday. It was still there the next morning.

learn / leave / leave / make / lose / make / mean / know / meet / sell / see / know

1) I my wallet in the supermarket this morning. There was a lot of money inside.

2) We some new verbs in the English class today.

3) I all the answers in the test. I got a ten.

4) We home at seven o'clock in the morning. We wanted to get to Madrid before lunch.

5) We some interesting animals in the zoo last Saturday. I really liked the white tiger.

6) I my grandfather very well. He was a kind and happy man.

7) My mother some delicious cakes last Sunday. We ate them all.

8) My father his old car last week. It had a lot of engine problems.

9) My husband made the dinner and it in the oven for me. I didn't have to cook when I got home.

10) I think the language was German. I didn't know what the word .

11) I the meeting just on time. I was lucky because the traffic was very bad that morning.

12) I John in the street last weekend. It was good to see him again after all these years.

learn / leave / leave / make / lose / make / mean / know / meet / sell / see / know


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1. lost ("left" es también posible)

2. learnt ("learned" es también posible)

3. knew

4. left

5. saw

6. knew

7. made

8. sold

9. left

10. meant

11. made

12. met

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