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Ejercicio - verbos irregulares pasado simple inglés (S a W).

Elige un verbo de la lista y escríbelo en pasado simple en los espacios. Puedes utilizar cada verbo sólo una vez.


I  spoke  a lot of English on holiday this year. It was good practice.

speak / stand / spend / understand / steal / tell / take / sleep / sit / think / take / spend

1) I too much money yesterday. I haven't got enough now to pay the bills.

2) We two weeks in Mayorca last summer. It was a great holiday.

3) I badly last night. The baby woke me up five times.

4) We in the seats at the front of the theatre. We had a good view of the stage.

5) We on the bus because there were no seats free.

6) I a lot about what you said yesterday. I think you were right.

7) My wife to our son's teacher yesterday. He has to do more homework.

8) The thieves all our furniture. We don't know how they got into the house.

9) I my coat to work today. It was very cold at 8 o'clock in the morning.

10) There was a lot of traffic this morning. It me two hours to get to work.

11) I the lesson very well. I think my English is getting better.

12) I Mary to meet me at 6.00pm but she completely forgot.

speak / stand / spend / understand / steal / tell / take / sleep / sit / think / take / spend


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1. spent

2. spent

3. slept

4. sat

5. stood

6. thought

7. spoke

8. stole

9. took

10. took

11. understood

12. told

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