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Ejercicio - a little y a few - cuándo se usan.

Elige la mejor respuesta. Elige entre a few o a little.

There are a few biscuits in the cupboard.

a few   


1) There are a little/a few tomatoes in the fridge.

2) I've got a little/a few work to do before I go home.

3) I've got a little/a few questions to ask you.

4) I had a little/a few coffee to wake me up.

5) "Would you like some more tea?" "Yes, just a little/a few, please."

6) I feel a little/a few ill. I think I'm going home.

7) "Would you like some more strawberries?" "Yes, just a little/a few, please."

8) "What's the weather like today?" "There's a little/a few cloud."

9) "Can you ski?" "Yes, a little/a few."

10) There were a little/a few people waiting for the bus.



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1) a few

2) a little

3) a few

4) a little

5) a little

6) a little

7) a few

8) a little

9) a little

10) a few

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