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Ejercicio - lessfewer.

Elige el comparativo correcto entre less y fewer como en el ejemplo:

There are less/fewer clouds now.



1) There are less/fewer rainy days in summer.

2) I've got less/fewer time for tennis now I'm the boss.

3) There were less/fewer people than yesterday.

4) Every year I get less/fewer birthday presents.

5) There are less/fewer insects in the fields now than 10 years ago.

6) I think they should use less/fewer pesticides.

7) Why is there less/fewer beer in my glass than in yours?

8) There are less/fewer fish in this lake than last year.

9) Less/Fewer women want babies these days.

10) There's less/fewer car traffic now they have cycle lanes.



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1) fewer

2) less

3) fewer

4) fewer

5) fewer

6) fewer

7) less

8) fewer

9) Fewer

10) less

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