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Ejercicio - much, many, lots, lot en frases formales, informales.

Contesta las preguntas en el negativo si ves (No) o en el afirmativo so ves (Yes). Respuestas afirmativas pueden tomar: a lot o lots y las respuestas negativas pueden tomar: not much o not many.

Ejemplo 1:
Did you meet many people at the party? (No)

not many   

Ejemplo 2:
Are there many job opportunities in the UK? (Yes)

a lot   

(lots también vale)


1) Were there many people in the cinema?

No, .

2) Did you like the Christmas lunch?

No, .

3) Are there many restaurants near the beach?

Yes, .

4) Do you smoke?

Well, no, .

5) Did Mary help you with your English homework?

No, .

6) Are there many types of whisky in Scotland?

Yes, .

7) Do you spend many hours in front of the TV?

No, .

8) Do you do much sport?

No, .

9) Do you drink much coffee?

Yes, .

10) Does it rain much where you live?

No, .



*Respuestas incorrectas en rojo. Tienes dos intentos.

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1) not many

2) not much

3) lots / a lot

4) not much

5) not much

6) lots / a lot

7) not many

8) not much

9) lots / a lot

10) not much

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