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Ejercicio - must + infinitivo.

Practicar el uso de la estructura must be, etc. para hablar de las deducciones o suposiciones en el presente.

Lee las frases más abajo. Entre paréntesis dice lo que tú piensas. Escribe tu deducción en un tiempo verbal presente empleando must. Ver el ejemplo.

She's tall, got blue eyes, fair hair and a light skin. (You think: She's from Germany.)

She must be     from Germany.


1) He passed all his exams the first time. (You think: He is very clever.)

He very clever.

2) She's not at home and she usually goes shopping on Saturday mornings. (You think: She is shopping now.)

She now.

3) Look over there. There are dark clouds. (You think: It is raining over there.)

It over there.

4) There are lights on in the house. (You think: John is at home.)

John at home.

5) I can hear music and laughing next door. (You think: The neighbours are having a party.)

The neighbours a party.

6) The sun is going down on the horizon. (You think: It is very late.)

It very late.

7) The computer is not working. (You think: There's a problem with the software.)

There a problem with the software.

8) You are looking at a drawing of two circles, one inside the other. (You think: It's a Mexican seen from above.

It a Mexican seen from above.

9) You were watching the lion through binoculars. Now you can't see it. (You think: It's behind me!)

It behind me!

10) You are looking at a bird sitting at the window. (You think: It's watching me!)

It me!



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1) He must be very clever.

2) She must be shopping now.

3) It must be raining over there.

4) John must be at home.

5) The neighbours must be having a party.

6) It must be very late.

7) There must be a problem with the software.

8) It must be a Mexican seen from above.

9) It must be behind me!

10) It must be watching me.

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