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Ejercicio - diferencias entre a y one.

Cuando hay que decir one chair y cuando se dice a chair.

Escribe a, an o one en los espacios.

How many teachers are there in the class?

There is one    teacher.

1) How many beaches are there?

There is beach.

2) How many rooms have you got?

We have got room.

3) What's this?

It's very old book.

4) In my village there are ten pubs!

There's only pub in ours.

5) Happy birthday!

I've got present for you.

6) Are you married?

Yes, I've got wife and two children.

7) Have you got a blue dress, please?

Yes, madam. Here's .

8) Excuse me.

Have you got light?

9) This is my uncle in the photo.

He's old man now.

10) Oh, no. I haven't got a euro for the shopping trolley!

Don't worry. I've got .



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1) There is one beach.

2) We have got one room.

3) It's a very old book.

4) There's only one pub in ours.

5) I've got a present for you.

6) Yes, I've got a wife and two children.

7) Yes, madam. Here's one.

8) Have you got a light?

9) He's an old man now.

10) Don't worry. I've got one.

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