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Ejercicio - voz activa a pasiva (presente continuo).

Rellena los espacios con las palabras para completar la pasiva de cada una de las frases en presente continuo. No emplear la preposición by.

They are discussing the case right now.

The case is being discussed            right now.

1) They are putting the books in the wrong place.

The books in the wrong place.

2) They are closing a lot of night clubs in this area due to the noise.

A lot of night clubs in this area due to the noise.

3) The dentist is doing some work on my teeth.

Some work on my teeth.

4) The local council are pulling down the old flats around here.

The old flats around here.

5) Somebody is using the coffee machine just now.

The coffee machine just now.

6) They are building a motorway across our land.

A motorway across our land.

7) Are the police watching that person?

Is that person ?

8) Can you tell me if they're opening the pool now?

Can you tell me if the pool now?

9) Nobody is dealing with this problem.

This problem with.

10) They are not cutting down these trees in the end.

These trees in the end.



*Respuestas incorrectas en rojo. Tienes dos intentos.

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1, are being put

2, are being closed

3, is being done

4, are being pulled down

5, is being used

6, is being built

7, being watched

8, is being opened

9, is not being dealt/isn't being dealt

10, aren't being cut down/are not being cut down

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