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Ejercicio - pasado perfecto y already.

Lee las frases más abajo y escribe el pasado perfecto inglés del verbo en el infinitivo entre paréntesis con el adverbio already.


Mary offered to help John look for his cat but John had already found    it. (find)

1) John lent me a book to read but I it. (read)

2) We went to buy some tickets for the concert but they them all. (sell)

3) Dave wanted to take Mary to the dance but John her. (ask)

4) Steve suggested going to the cinema to see "Titanic" but I that film. (see)

5) I knocked on the door of my daughter's bedroom to wake her up but she . (get up)

6) We went to Steve's house to take him fishing but he . (leave)

7) The businessman wanted to start a company for uploading videos to the Internet but someone of that idea. (think)

8) I went to the airport to pick up Mary but she a taxi. (take)

9) John called Mary to ask if she wanted to go for a drink but Mary . (go out)

10) John asked Mary if she would like to go and see Macbeth at the theatre but Mary . (go)


*Respuestas incorrectas en rojo. Tienes dos intentos.

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1) had already read

2) had already sold

3) had already asked

4) had already seen

5) had already got up

6) had already left

7) had already thought

8) had already taken

9) had already gone out

10) had already been*

*Es been porque Mary había ido y luego volvió.

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