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Ejercicio - pasado perfecto con adverbio just.

El uso de just con pasado perfecto inglés: she had just left.

Lee las frases aquí y escribe el pasado perfecto del verbo entre paréntesis con el adverbio just.

Mary saw the holiday photos a few minutes before I offered to show her them. I offered to show Mary the holiday photos but she had just seen    them. (see)


1) Mary left 2 minutes before I arrived. When I arrived, Mary . (leave)

2) The plane took off half an hour before we got to the airport. When we got to the airport, the plane . (take off)

3) The shop closed a few minutes before we arrived. When we arrived, the shop . (close)

4) Dave told Steve the good news a few moments before I did. I told Steve the good news but he it from Dave. (hear)

5) The letters arrived a short time before I checked the postbox. When I checked the postbox, the letters . (arrive)

6) John finished the test 5 seconds before the examiner told him he must stop writing. When the examiner said John must stop writing, he the test. (finish)

7) John switched off his mobile phone a minute before I called him. When I called John on his mobile phone, he it off. (switch)

8) The postman turned the corner of the street seconds before I called to him from the window. I called to the postman from the window but he the corner of the street. (turn)

9) My wife used all the sun cream moments before I asked for it. I asked my wife for the sun cream but she it all. (use)

10) My son dropped the expensive vase a second before I could save it. I tried to save the expensive vase but my son it. (drop)


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1) had just left

2) had just taken off

3) had just closed

4) had just heard

5) had just arrived

6) had just finished

7) had just switched

8) had just turned

9) had just used

10) had just dropped

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