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Ejercicio - preposiciones until, till.

Escribe until o till o until you get to o till you get to en los espacios más abajo.

Ejemplo 1:
I waited for the bus until     half past three. (o, till)

Ejemplo 2:
Drive up this road until you get to     the crossroads. (o, till you get to)

1) I watched television midnight.

2) Lunch if from one o'clock three.

3) Walk along this road a bridge on your left.

4) It rained the next morning.

5) You walk across the park the restaurant.

6) Drive about 20km along this road the entrance to castle.

7) I'm working here I find a better job.

8) You're not going out to play you've finished your homework.

9) My life was very boring I met you.

10) You take the train the next station. It usually takes 5 minutes.


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1) until/till

2) until/till

3) until you get to/till you get to

4) until/till

5) until you get to/till you get to

6) until you get to/till you get to

7) until/till

8) until/till

9) until/till

10) until you get to/till you get to

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