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Ejercicio - presente perfecto - acciones completas 2.

Escribe el presente perfecto simple. Se puede emplear o el auxiliar contraído o la forma completa.

Mary bought a new sports car yesterday.

Mary has bought              a new sports car. (o, 's bought       )


1) John arrived home at 6.30 this evening.
John home.

2) I read the sad news this morning.
I the sad news.

3) It rained on my lovely clean car last night.
It on my lovely clean car.

4) When I left for work, I shut the front door with my keys still inside.
I the front door with my keys still inside.

5) I finished this exercise ten minutes ago. What shall I do now?
I this exercise.

6) They emptied the swimming pool yesterday. Now we can't go swimming.
They the swimming pool.

7) I went for a walk in the park at 7.30 am.
I for a walk.

8) Did you get me the newspaper when you went out?
me the newspaper?

9) Did they win the elections last night?
the elections?

10) I didn't do my homework yesterday.
I my homework.


*Incorrect answers are shown in red. You have two chances to find the correct answer.

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1. has arrived / 's arrived

2. have read / 've read

3. has rained / 's rained

4. have shut / 've shut

5. have finished / 've finished

6. have emptied / 've emptied

7. have been / 've been

8. Have you got

9. Have they won

10. have not done / haven't done


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