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Ejercicio - presente perfecto simple - pasado al presente.

Utiliza el presente perfecto simple inglés para expresar una acción presente que comenzó en el pasado. Emplea los verbos entre paréntesis.

I started studying at the university five years ago. (be)

I have been             at the university for five years. (o, 've been     )


1) The student finds English grammar very difficult. (study)
The student English grammar for a long time.

2) Steve will only marry the perfect woman. (wait)
Steve a very long time for the perfect woman.

3) Carmen cannot remember the last time she had a job. (not work)
Carmen for years.

4) This country is politically very left wing. (have)
This country a Socialist government for over 30 years.

5) This castle is very old. (stand)
This castle above the village since Roman times.

6) My neighbour has never moved house. (live)
My neighbour in that house all his life.

7) Didn't you get that scar playing rugby at school? (not have?)
that scar since we were at school together?

8) I didn't like maths at school and I still don't. (never like)
I maths.

9) Did you meet Mary when you were both children? (know?)
How long Mary?

10) I used to write to my aunt when I was very little and I'm still in touch. (always be)
I in touch with my aunt.


*Incorrect answers are shown in red. You have two chances to find the correct answer.

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1. 's studied / has studied

2. 's waited / has waited

3. hasn't worked / has not worked

4. 's had / has had

5. 's stood / has stood

6. 's lived / has lived

7. Haven't you had / Have you not had

8. 've never liked / have never liked

9. have you known

10. 've always been / have always been

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