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Ejercicio - superlativo y los adverbios en inglés.

Hay que escribir frases en el superlativo utilizando los adverbios entre paréntesis. Utiliza un superlativo positivo (ejemplo 1) o cuándo ves el signo " - ", utiliza un superlativo negativo (ejemplo 2).

Ejemplo 1
Of all the girls at the office, Mary dresses (attractively).

She dresses the most attractively    .

Ejemplo 2
Compared to the other speakers at the conference, John spoke (- confidently).

He spoke the least confidently    .


1) Christopher Froome rode (quickly) in the Tour de France in 2013.

He rode .

2) Compared to the other players Cristiano Ronaldo played (well).

He played .

3) Peter is the student who does his homework (carefully).

He does it .

4) Compared to other reptiles the tortoise moves (slowly).

It moves .

5) In our family, it's my sister who visits our grandmother (often).

She visits .

6) I visit that website (- frequently). I prefer other websites.

I visit it .

7) All the competitors did well but the Italian did (- well).

He did .

8) The cheetah runs (fast)

It runs but the blue whale travels (far) .

9) Of all the guests at the party, my girlfriend arrived (late).

She arrived .

10) The night of the party I went to bed (early)

I went to bed but my girlfriend stayed (long) .



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1) the most quickly / the quickest

2) the best

3) the most carefully

4) the most slowly / the slowest

5) the most often / the oftenest

6) the least frequently

7) the least well

8) the fastest - the furthest / the farthest

9) the latest

10) the earliest - the longest

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