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Ejercicio - there is, there are, there was, there were.

Elige una palabra entre is, are, was, were como respuesta.

There is/are/was/were an accident near out house last night.



1) There is/was/were a lot of people skiing today.

2) There was/are/were some money on the table.

3) There is/are/were a new receptionist at the desk.

4) There is/are/was/were not many cold days last winter.

5) Did you know there is/was/are/were a fire in the office last week?

6) There is/are/was not many schools in this area.

7) There is/are/was/were not much I could do yesterday.

8) Is/Was/Were there any nice restaurants by the beach?

9) Is/Are/Was/Were there many cars when you were a boy?

10) When I worked in the supermarket, there is/was/are/were not much time for lunch.



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1) were

2) was

3) is

4) were

5) was

6) are

7) was

8) were

9) were

10) was

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