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Ejercicio - used to + infinitivo para pasado.

Escribe las palabras use o used en los espacios.

We didn't use     to have a garden in our first house.


1) I didn't to do much skiing.

2) We to walk to school when we were children.

3) They not to let women join this club.

4) There to be a lake here years ago.

5) John didn't to like Mary when they were teenagers.

6) When they to live here?

7) Why did you to use this old photocopier?

8) We never to have electricity in our house.

9) I hardly ever to have time for going out.

10) Did they to let you smoke in cinemas?



*Respuestas incorrectas en rojo. Tienes dos intentos.

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1) use

2) used

3) used* (o, didn't use to let...)

4) used

5) use

6) used* (o, did they use to live...)

7) use

8) used

9) used

10) use

*Las formas negativas e interrogativas sin did no son comunes en el inglés informal y coloquial.

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