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Exercise: third conditional 5.

Exercise on the structure of the third conditional with modal would.

Choose a suitable answer from the choices in brackets. The sentences must be in the third conditional mode.

If the weather (had been/would have been) fine last weekend, we (would have gone/had gone) to the beach for a picnic.

had been                   would have gone          


1) If it (would have rained/had rained) yesterday, we (had stayed/would have stayed) at your house.

2) If Mary (had got/would have got) to work earlier, she (had had/would have had) time to finish the sales project.

3) The small grocer's (had closed/would have closed) if everybody (would have preferred/had preferred) the nearby hypermarket.

4) We (had visited/'d have visited) the new museum if it (wouldn't have snowed/hadn't snowed) .

5) If you (had taken/would have taken) the top off, you (had had got/would have got) the petrol out.

6) If you (had walked/would have walked) down that road, you ('d found/would have found) the chemist.

7) The paella (hadn't burnt/wouldn't have burnt) if you ('d turned down/turned down) the heat.

8) If we (had left/would have left) at lunchtime, we ('d been/'d have been) home in time to see the tennis match.

9) If Mary (hadn't have liked/hadn't liked) the gift, John (had bought/would have bought) something more expensive.

10) My son (would have finished/had finished) college last year if he (had started/would have started) in 2009.



*Incorrect answers are shown in red. You have two chances to find the correct answers.

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1) had rained - would have stayed / 'd have stayed

2) had got - would have had / 'd have had

3) would have closed - had preferred

4) 'd have visited / would have visited - hadn't snowed

5) had taken / 'd taken - would have got / 'd have got

6) had walked / 'd walked - would have found / 'd have found

7) wouldn't have burnt - 'd turned down / had turned down

8) had left / 'd left - 'd have been / would have been

9) hadn't liked - would have bought

10) would have finished - had started / 'd started


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