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Exercise: double genitives.

Exercise on the double genitive - "he's a friend of my father's".

Write the double genitive for the phrases below.

Example: Michael has friends. John is one of them.
John is a friend of Michael's    .


1) John has friends. She is one of them.

She is a friend .

2) Fred has neighbours. I am one of them.

I am a neighbour .

3) Mary has colleagues. We are her colleagues.

We are colleagues .

4) Mr Simpson has students. They are his students.

They are students .

5) My boss has employees. Paul is one of them.

Paul is an employee .

6) Dave has teachers. Miss Smart is one of them.

Miss Smart is a teacher .

7) Everybody is friends with Steve.

Steve is a friend .

8) I have some old friends. They are my old friends.

They are old friends .

9) She has colleagues. Nick is one of them.

Nick is a colleague .

10) They have neighbours. John and Mary are their neighbours.

John and Mary are neighbours .



*Incorrect answers are shown in red. You have two chances to find the correct answers.

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1) She is a friend of John's.

2) I am a neighbour of Fred's.

3) We are colleagues of Mary's.

4) They are students of Mr Simpson's.

5) Paul is an employee of my boss's.

6) Miss Smart is a teacher of Dave's.

7) Steve is a friend of everybody's.

8) They are old friends of mine.

9) Nick is a colleague of hers.

10) John and Mary are neighbours of theirs.

Explanation of double genitives...

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