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Exercise: along, through.

Exercise on the differences between along, through.

Fill in the spaces with the prepositions: along or through.

We walked along     the path to the sea.

1) Go this road to the traffic lights.

2) We went for a walk the river.

3) The train went a very long tunnel.

4) He had to travel a severe snowstorm.

5) We laughed all the show.

6) There are customs control points all the Italian border.

7) Mary is going a stressful situation just now.

8) This money should see us to the next paycheck.

9) The lemur has rings all its tail.

10) Come . I'll introduce you to me friends.



*Incorrect answers are shown in red. You have two chances to find the correct answers.

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1) along

2) along

3) through

4) through

5) through

6) along

7) through

8) through

9) along

10) along


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