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Exercise: in, at.

Exercise on the differences between in and at.

Fill in the spaces with the prepositions: in or at. In one case both words are possible but only write ONE word.

Mary went to the theatre to see a play. [Mary is at    the theatre].

1) She went to Dave's house. I think he's having a barbecue in the garden. [She's Dave's house.]

2) Steve went to see John to watch the football. [Steve is John's living-room watching football.]

3) "Is Mary in?" "No, she isn't. She's gone to the discotheque." [Mary is the discotheque.]

4) "I'd like to speak to John, please" "Sorry, he's gone to work." [John is work.]

5) "Oh, no. My car keys! The car door is locked and they're inside." [They car keys are the car.]

6) "Oh, no. My car keys! I went swimming this morning and I forgot them there." [The car keys are the swimming pool.]

7) Mary has gone to the river for a swim. [Mary is the river.]

8) "Where's John?" "He didn't want to come out this evening." [John is home.]

9) We're going to the park to see the cricket match. [The cricket match is the park.]

10) We saw some interesting birds flying among the trees. [The birds were the forest.]



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1) at (inside or outside)

2) in (inside)

3) at (inside or outside)

4) at (inside or outside)

5) in (inside)

6) at (not necessarily in the water of the swimming pool)

7) at (in or near)

8) at (inside or outside)

9) in/at (perhaps in the park or near to it).

10) in (among the trees so "in")


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