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Exercise: in, on.

Exercise on the differences between in and on.

Fill in the spaces with the prepositions: in or on.

Mary is in     the shop. She's buying fruit.


1) I've got some lovely photos of our holiday my camera.

2) Just leave the keys my desk so I can see them when I come in.

3) John is . I saw the lights on in the living-room.

4) Ow! There's something my shoe.

5) She has lovely carpets the floor.

6) There were a lot of tourists the street.

7) We went for a walk the woods.

8) I lay the beach all day.

9) I'd like to take you a slow boat to China.

10) She had the words "I love London" the front of her T-shirt.



*Incorrect answers are shown in red. You have two chances to find the correct answers.

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1) in (inside)

2) on (on top of, not inside)

3) in (inside his house)

4) in (inside my shoe)

5) on (floor is a two-dimensional surface)

6) in (street has houses both sides so is three-dimensional)

7) in (woods have trees - three-dimensional)

8) on (beach - two-dimensional surface)

9) on (for types of transport).

10) on (in contact with a two-dimensional surface)


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