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Exercise: multiple prepositions of movement and place.

Exercise on where a sentence uses several prepositions / adverbs.

There is a word missing from each of the sentences. Choose one word from the list and complete the phrases. (An answer may be correct with no preposition, in which case leave the space blank.) You may use each word more than once. More than one answer is sometimes possible.

from / in / into / of / off / on / onto / up

The cat is on the shelf. You say: "Get down             the shelf!"

off     (from is also possible)


1) The cat is on the table. You say: "Get down the table!"

2) The cat is in a cupboard drawer. You say: "Get out the drawer!"

3) The cat is on the floor. You want it to sit next to you. You say: "Jump up here the sofa!"

4) The cat is inside a hole in a tree. You say: "Come out from there!"

5) The cat is looking into the goldfish bowl. You say: "Come away there!"

6) The cat is on top of the dresser. You say: "Get down from there!"

7) The cat is sitting on your chair. You say: "Get down there!"

8) The cat is in sitting in one of your boots. You say "Get out from there!"

9) The cat is sitting on the pavement. You want it to sit next to you in the car. You say: "Jump up here the car."

10) The cat is on top of a tall cupboard. You want it on the chair. You say: "Jump down the chair."



*Incorrect answers are shown in red. You have two chances to find the correct answers.

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1) off/from

2) of/from

3) on/onto

4) in (or no preposition)

5) from

6) up (or no preposition)

7) off/from

8) in (or no preposition)

9) in/into

10) on/onto


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