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Explanation of should / ought to for probability...

Grammar exercise: modal auxiliaries, should, ought to 2.

Exercise on how to use should and ought to for strong probability.

Substitute the phrase underlined for the should / shouldn't or ought to / oughtn't to structures (both modals are possible in all answers). Start the sentence with the word in brackets ( ).

It looks fairly certain that it'll be sunny next week. (It...)

It should be sunny next week.
It ought to be sunny next week.


1) I'm quite sure it'll be a lovely day tomorrow. (It...)

2) We're certain you'll learn a lot of English on that course. (You...)

3) I feel quite confident that it'll be a very good conference. (It...)

4) I'm certain it won't make any difference. (It...)

5) We feel fairly sure you'll enjoy the holiday. (You...)

6) In my opinion, this report won't take long to write. (It...)

7) I'm almost convinced that he'll arrive this afternoon. (He...)

8) I have a strong feeling that the economic situation will improve next year. (The economic situation...)

9) Considering the quality of the Madrid players, they'll probably win the football match this evening. (They...)

10) There's not much chance they will lose this match. (They...)



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Explanation of should / ought to for probability...

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