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Exercise: used to + infinitive (use).

Exercise on use of used to for past habitual actions and states.

In each pair of sentences, a used to/use to sentence expresses a similar idea to the first sentence. Write the words use to or used to in the spaces.

Did you have a television when you were a child.

Did you use to     have a television? 


1) We went to the park a lot when we were children.
We go to the park a lot.

2) This field was full of wild flowers years ago.
This field be full of wild flowers.

3) They didn't have tractors a hundred years ago.
They didn't have tractors.

4) People here never went on holiday or watched TV.
People here never go on holiday or watch TV.

5) Did Mary always wear those old jeans?
Did Mary always wear those old jeans?

6) Where did you usually go in the evenings when you were young?
Where did you go in the evenings?

7) How did you get to work in the mornings?
How did you get to work?

8) There weren't any cars in this street when I was a child.
There didn't be any cars in this street.

9) Mary hardly ever visited her grandmother.
Mary hardly ever visit her grandmother.

10) My aunt rarely came to see us.
My aunt didn't come to see us very often.



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1) used to

2) used to

3) use to

4) used to

5) use to

6) use to

7) use to

8) use to

9) used to

10) use to


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