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Common English word families to listen to and learn.

Instructions on how to use the lists to learn common English words.

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Vocabulary for official English Cambridge exams (or similar) or general English study.

The English vocabulary glossary presented here has been compiled mainly for the benefit of students of the official Cambridge examinations in English or similar tests at the levels: B1, B2, and C1. However, any student of English from a pre-intermediate level to a good intermediate level will find these word lists useful.

Essential everyday English vocabulary.

Many students of English as a foreign language in classroom situations receive a lot of  emphasis on the study of grammar and general subject text content. However, in daily life in an English speaking country, language use includes the need for vocabulary of the everyday objects found around us. This vocabulary includes objects in the home, garden, shops, street, at work... 

Word lists arranged in categories.

The English word lists are arranged in categories such as kitchen utensils, clothes, fruit, countries, etc. There are translations given in three other languages: French, German and Spanish.

Correct your English pronunciation.

For practice of the correct pronunciation (UK English), click on the link at the top of the word list. Listen to the recording. The words in the recording are in the same order as in the list. Stop the recording as many times as you need and repeat the words so as to get a good pronunciation.

The magical seven new words.

If you do not know any of the English words in the list, it is preferable to try to memorise seven words at a time. However, most students will know some or several words, in which case you could try studying the complete list in one go.

How to reinforce long-term memory of the new English vocabulary.

To help reinforce your long-term memory, come back to the same lists in a few days time and revise the list again.

English hangman games.

Use our English hangman games, which are based on the same English word lists to reinforce memory.


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