How to write a Spanish curriculum vitae Europass.

Phrases for completing the Europass curriculum vitae (European model).


What is the Europass curriculum vitae?

The Europass CV is a template designed by the European Commission that helps us to present the information in our curriculum vitae in a clear and concise way. There are two documents that the job candidate can complete on the Europass website:

1) The template for a currículum vitae in Spanish.

2) An attachment called "language Passport" in Spanish.

(To obtain the other three documents shown on the website (Europass Mobility, the Certificate Supplement and the Diploma Supplement) interesting if you are looking for work in a European country, you need to get in touch with your University, training centre or company etc.).

Access to the Europass curriculum vitae and related documents in Spanish...

With these templates, there is an attempt to offer a standard model so as to facilitate a correct reading and comprehension by the receiver - the company. It is not only the format of the curriculum vitae which is important here, but also a standard way to demonstrate the academic level and value of the studies carried out and the qualifications held in one's own country. Furthermore, and this is also stated in the Language Passport, a standard, recognisable scale showing a student's foreign language level. This scale is known as the Council of Europe language levels.

These templates can be downloaded in a chosen format (Word, Open Office) or completed online in Pdf format before being sent to the prospective employer.


Language Passports.

If you would like to attach a document with more information about your foreign language knowledge (this would be the case if the company required a certain language level for the position in question or if languages are your speciality - teachers, translators, interpreters, etc.) you could open the Language Passport:

- Language Passport online (open page and select "Español" from top right dropdown menu.)

Remember that there is also a section for a brief outline of your language skills in the main CV page - this may be enough.

At the link below, you can consult the European language levels table where a skills scale is given for Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. This starts at a scale of A1 (basic) up to C2 (expert). Refer to this table to fill out your Language Passport or language skills section in your curriculum vitae.

- European language levels, self-assessment grid...


See this video, which explains the advantages of Europass...


What service do we offer here at English Spanish Link?

As a web site dedicated to the teaching of Spanish, we offer access to our bilingual pages so that you can find and adapt typical sentences for curriculum vitae in Spanish and thereby write your own document in that language.


How to find Spanish phrases and expressions for your curriculum vitae Europass.

Personally, I think that the most comfortable option is to create the Spanish Europass CV online. This way, you can download the results in Word, Open Office or Pdf (or all three).

Important! Always download a Pdf or XML version of your completed Spanish CV. This allows you to make changes in the future. The system only recognises these formats for re-loading up your CV to make changes. Making changes in the Word templates is a little difficult and messy because of all the tables used. But by using Update your CV tool online, you can load up the CV in Pdf, make changes and then download it again in Word.

Well, let's start...

Open the create Europass CV online (Spanish version)... (select "Español" language if necessary and follow instructions on the page).

(If you don't understand all the instructions in Spanish, you can open the English version in a separate page to compare texts.)

The instruction sheets below are probably not necessary but just in case:
Download general instructions in Pdf to complete CV in Spanish...
Download general instructions (English translation) in Pdf to complete CV...

Once you have the online version open, follow the instructions and begin to search for phrases in Spanish to adapt and insert into your Spanish curriculum vitae. The following links offer a selection of bilingual pages. To make searching easier, the pages will open in a separate window.

First of all, to give you an idea of a typical (though brief) Spanish CV, here is a link to an example Europass curriculum vitae in Spanish...


Common phrases and expressions for curriculum vitae in Spanish:

- Begin correspondence
- First paragraph
- Work experience
- Qualifications
- Job skills
- Your attitude to work
- Availability to work
- Why you want the job
- Company knowledge
- Why you left your last job
- Hobbies
- Final paragraph
- Company accepts/refuses
- Write on behalf another
- Writing after interview
- Describing yourself
- More useful sentences
- General questions to ask
- Closing correspondence
- Professions in Spanish

- Template curriculum vitae in Spanish
- Application for a job (cover letter and curriculum vitae)
- Application for a job (cover letter and curriculum vitae)
- Application for a job (cover letter and curriculum vitae)
- Cover letter 1
- Cover letter 2
- Cover letter 3
- Cover letter 4
- Cover letter 5
- Cover letter 6
- Cover letter 7
- Cover letter 8
- Cover letter 9

For more help with expressing yourself in Spanish for your CV, take a look at the links menu to the left.



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