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Spanish job selection letters: application for a job.

Spanish cover letter template.


Muy señor mío:

Con referencia a su anuncio de (name of position) publicado en (where you saw the ad.) el día (date when you saw the ad. if in a periodical eg.: 3 de mayo), quisiera presentar mi candidatura.

Considero que, dada mi formación en el área de (the field of work you do) así como mi experiencia adquirida durante (how long you have been working in your last job) en (where you work now or worked), podría encajar en el puesto ofertado.

Me gustaría tener la oportunidad de conversar con usted en una entrevista para comentarle mis conocimientos y experiencia.

Adjunto un curriculum vitae actualizado, foto reciente y direcciones de referencias y quedando a su disposición para ampliar cuanta información estime necesaria, le saluda atentamente,

(Your full name)



Dear Sir

I am writing in connection with the job advertisement for a (    ) published in (    ) on (    ); I should like to apply for the position.

I believe that the qualifications I hold in the area of (   ) together with the experience I acquired over (   ) in (   ) would suggest I am suitable for the post on offer.

I should like to have the opportunity of meeting you personally to discuss my qualifications and experience.

I enclose an up-to-date curriculum vitae, a recent photo and addresses of referees and am available should you require more information regarding my application.

Yours faithfully



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