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Idioms in a work context.

There are many different types of jobs but in most companies the employees are required to pull together as a team, that is to say, to work with our colleagues helping and supporting them. Teamwork means we must pull our weight (do as much work as the others) and not pass the buck or let others do the difficult tasks because there are some things we don't like doing. If we work in this cooperative way we won't let our colleagues down; we'll always do the tasks asked of us and deliver on time.

Of course, we mustn't consistently work long hours, that is to say, spend too much time at work or work too hard or we could become a workaholic and that can be bad for our health. It's important to find the correct work-life balance so we have sufficient time to do other things like hobbies or being with our family. We should pace ourselves (not work frantically) and try to be easy-going (relaxed and friendly) in the office so we don't burn out (drop from exhaustion) before we're 35!

Fill the gaps with the correct idiom from the text above. You may have to change some words like personal pronouns.

1) John gets very stressful at in the office and works too much. He's becoming a .

2) Mary gave me her report to do again. She's always .

3) The team are expected to . We'll only be successful through good teamwork.

4) Working 16 hours a day is just ridiculous. He's just going to .

5) Jill's a lovely girl. She's relaxed and . Everybody likes her.

6) I need you to finish this report by midday. Please don't .

7) Your colleagues are going to think you're lazy if you don't .

8) Slow down, Mac. Your getting stressed. You won't finish this project on time unless you .

9) I get time to play squash every day and get away with the kids at weekends. It's a good .

10) I feel better now I've reduced my work schedule. Before I was working very .



*Incorrect answers are shown in red. You have two chances to find the correct answers.

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Answers... (Explanations to these answers are given in the text above.)

1) workaholic

2) passing the buck

3) pull together

4) burn out

5) easy-going

6) let me down

7) pull your weight

8) pace yourself

9) work-life balance

10) long hours

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