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FCE - B2 - common mistakes and difficult words - 1.

Write the correct form of the word or correct the errors - 1.

Correct ONLY the part between "speech marks" and write your answer in the space provided. Example:

I lived there "during" a year (wrong preposition)


1) I didn't like the film. I felt "boring" (wrong form of the adjective)

2) I like "familiar" life. It's good to be at home with my brothers and sisters (means "life in the family", wrong form of the adjective)

3) The dirty plate put me "out" my dinner (means "made me not like it", wrong phrasal verb)

4) I was brought "along" in the countryside (means "raised from a child", wrong phrasal verb)

5) He turned a blind "ear" to all the beggars in the streets (means" ignore something you don't want to see", wrong word - begins with "e")

6) I "remembered" him to bring some wine (means "told him so he wouldn't forget", wrong word - begins with "r")

7) I "remind" leaving the keys on the kitchen table (means "recall", word begins with "r")

8) Try "to watch" films, it's a good way to learn English (means "to experiment", infinitive problem of "watch")

9) I tried "helping" her with her homework but I found it too difficult (means "tried but failed", infinitive problem of "help")

10) I saw the plane "to land" in the field (infinitive problem of "land")




*Incorrect answers are shown in red. You have two chances to find the correct answers.

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1) bored

2) family

3) off

4) up

5) eye

6) reminded

7) remember (or "remembered" in past)

8) watching

9) to help

10) land or landing

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