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Spanish letter or email: enquiring about delayed payment.


Sr. Bottomly:

Por la presente quisiera recordarle de que el alquiler del mes de enero del piso sito en C/ Alpes, 67 - 6ºB todavía no ha sido saldado. Recordará que los pagos del alquiler se deben abonar durante la primera semana de cada mes.

Ruego que o me envíe un talón o que ingrese la cantidad pendiente en mi cuenta bancaria a la mayor brevedad posible.


Gordon Grimshaw



Dear Sir

I write to remind you that the rent for January on the flat at C/ Alpes, 67 - 6ºB is still outstanding. You will remember that rent payment is due during the first week of each month.

I should be obliged if you could either send me a cheque or deposit the money into my account at your earliest convenience.

Yours faithfully

Gordon Grimshaw




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