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Ejercicio - be, get used to.

Escribe sólo TRES PALABRAS en los espacios. Pueden ser: be + used to o get + used to. Hay que conjugar el verbo correctamente en un tiempo PRESENTE.

The heat is a problem at first. But I am                     it.

getting used to     

1) Everybody drinks tea here but I can't it.

2) The noise in this neighbourhood is terrible but I it now.

3) The birds eventually the traffic and live happily by the motorway.

4) I am going to bed late - everybody does in Spain.

5) Are you the new job? Do you like it?

6) One never driving on the left. I hate it!

7) Adapting to city life is hard but I'm slowly it.

8) John the cold. He's from Finland.

9) People who live in the jungle find it difficult to the modern way of life.

10) She comes from a very wealthy family. She the good things in life.



*Respuestas incorrectas en rojo. Tienes dos intentos.

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1, get used to

2, am used to

3, get used to

4, getting used to

5, getting used to

6, gets used to (posible: "one is never used to")

7, getting used to

8, is used to (posible: "gets used to" pero se supone aquí que él ya está acostumbrado al frío)

9, get used to

10, is used to


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