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Ejercicio - los demostrativos.

Practicar el uso de: this, that, these, those con referencia al tiempo.

Escribe solamente this, that, these o those para rellenar los espacios. Seguir el ejemplo.

____ was the day President Kennedy was shot.



1) ____ coming weekend I'm going to the beach.

2) In ____ days there were no cars on the roads.

3) I remember ____ very hot summer of 1976.

4) I'm going away on ____ weekend in December.

5) It's my birthday in three days. That's ____ Friday!

6) We went shopping ____ weekend. I've no money left now!

7) ____ days life is easier. I earn more money now.

8) "One of these days I'll win the lottery". "____ will be a miracle!"

9) I have an English exam on Monday. ____ time I'm going to pass.

10) I passed my driving test on June 1st 2002. ____ was a great moment for me.



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1) This

2) those

3) that

4) that

5) this

6) this

7) These

8) That

9) This

10) That

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