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Ejercicio -  a little y a few - elegir.

Elige la respuesta correcta. Elige entre a few o a little.

Do you have a little/a few olive oil you can give me?

a little    


1) Do you have a little/a few coins you can lend me?

2) Oh, no! There's a little/a few tomato juice on my skirt.

3) When you have a little/a few time, perhaps you can help me.

4) I can see a little/a few reasons why this is not a good idea.

5) He was a little/a few rude when I asked him his name.

6) There are a little/a few cars in the car park.

7) Can I have just a little/a few sugar in my coffee, please?

8) Can you sing a little/a few for us?

9) I still have a little/a few exams to do before the course finishes.

10) I'm very happy. I've lost a little/a few weight.



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1) a few

2) a little

3) a little

4) a few

5) a little

6) a few

7) a little

8) a little

9) a few

10) a little

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