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Ejercicio - presente perfecto continuo y simple.

Utiliza la forma presente perfecto continuo del verbo entre paréntesis al final de cada frase. Si presente perfecto continuo no es posible, hay que usar presente perfecto simple. Puedes emplear la forma contraída (haven't) o completa (have not).

Después, puedes escuchar el audio para practicar la pronunciación.

I'm feeling really tired. I've been working     all day.

1) John the house all this weekend. He still hasn't finished though. ... (paint)

2) Dave voluntary work at the Old People’s Home over the past few weeks. He's going to continue working there until Christmas. ... (do)

3) I time to finish this book yet. There are so many interruptions. ... (not have)

4) Mary's cat recently? We can't find him anywhere. ... (You see)

5) Steve the trumpet at the Conservatory since last year. He’s enjoying it very much. ... (study)

6) The refugees for foreign aid since last spring. Nothing has arrived yet. ... (wait)

7) - What's wrong with your eyes? They're all red!
- I . Johnny hit me! ... (cry)

8) - What ? You look very tired. (you do)
- I've been driving all day. It's been a long journey. ...

9) The police the murderer since she escaped from prison last Thursday. ... (look for)

10) Spain a member of the European Union since 1st January 1986. ... (be)


*Incorrect answers are shown in red. You have two chances to find the correct answer.

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1. has been painting / 's been painting

2. has been doing / 's been doing

3. haven't had / 've not had / have not had

4. Have you seen

5. has been studying / 's been studying

6. have been waiting / 've been waiting

7. have been crying / 've been crying

8. have you been doing / 've you been doing

9. have been looking for / 've you been looking for

10. has been / 's been

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