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Ejercicio - relativos pronombres - elegir el relativo correcto.

Ejercicio 1.

Escribe el pronombre correcto en los espacios: which, who, where.

Ejercicio 2.

En inglés coloquial hablado preferimos el uso de that donde sea posible. Repite el ejercicio con los pronombres that o where.

The camera             I bought yesterday.


1) Where is the email arrived yesterday?

2) The conference we went to was excellent.

3) I want to watch a film will make me laugh.

4) The woman called yesterday wants to buy our car.

5) There are many children in India have no school to go to.

6) The mobile application I downloaded works perfectly.

7) The place I lived when I was a child was very green with lots of trees.

8) We moved into the house was at the end of the street.

9) This is the room we keep our bicycles.

10) You should ask a friend knows a lot about computers.


*Respuestas incorrectas en rojo. Tienes dos intentos.

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Respuestas al ejercicio 1:

1) which

2) which

3) which

4) who

5) who

6) which

7) where

8) which

9) where

10) who


Respuestas al ejercicio 2:

1) that

2) that

3) that

4) that

5) that

6) that

7) where

8) that

9) where

10) that

Nota: las respuestas a las preguntas 2), 6), y 7) se podrán decir sin that, es decir, sin pronombre relativo alguno.

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