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Ejercicio - uso de shall.

Shall para ofertas y sugerencias.

Las frases más abajo hablan de ofrecer a hacer algo por alguien (shall I) o sugerir que hagas algo con otra persona (shall we). Utiliza auxiliar shall.

Dave says it's too dark in here to read. Offer to switch on the light.

Shall I switch on
  the light?


1) Steve thinks it's hot in here. Offer to open the window.

the window?

2) John's got a headache. Offer to get him an aspirin.

you an aspirin?

3) Mary looks hungry. Offer to cut her a piece of cake.

you a piece of cake?

4) Steve doesn't like parking. Offer to park his car for him.

your car for you?

5) The old lady has a lot of shopping bags. Offer to carry them for her.

your shopping bags for you?

6) Mary can't think of where to go this evening. Suggest going to the cinema together.

to the cinema?

7) Steve can't do the difficult English exercises. Suggest that you both do the easy ones first.

the easy ones first?

8) Dave doesn't know what to watch on TV this evening. Suggest watching the film together.

the film together?

9) Mary can't think of what to have for dinner. Suggest buying some fish together.

some fish?

10) Steve wants to do some sport this weekend. Suggest going swimming together at the new swimming pool.

at the new swimming pool?



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1) Shall I open the window?

2) Shall I get you an aspirin?

3) Shall I cut you a piece of cake?

4) Shall I park your car for you?

5) Shall I carry your shopping bags for you?

6) Shall we go to the cinema?

7) Shall we do the easy ones first?

8) Shall we watch the film together?

9) Shall we buy some fish?

10) Shall we go swimming at the new swimming pool?

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