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Ejercicio - there is, there are.

Escribe is o are como respuesta.

There is/are a blue pen by the window.



1) There is/are a black car in the car park.

2) There is/are a blue-and-white bird in the garden.

3) There is/are some children in the park.

4) There is/are fifty people in this bus.

5) Do you know if there is/are any good films at the cinema?

6) I'd like to know if there is/are a chemist near here.

7) Is/Are there any cheese in the cupboard?

8) Is/Are there any more exercises in this test?

9) There is/are not any petrol in the car.

10) There is/are not any new English textbooks in the class.



*Respuestas incorrectas en rojo. Tienes dos intentos.

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Si la respuesta no es is, es are.

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