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Ejercicio - there is, there are, - tiempos distintos.

Reemplazar "?" con la estructura correcta del verbo con there. Contestar con used to, present perfect o will para el futuro en frases afirmativas o negativas según la gramática y contexto de la frase. Puedes utilizar la forma contraída (I'm) o completa (I am) del verbo.

There ? a little village here. Now it's disappeared.

used to be    


1) There ? some good films on television this week.

2) There ? better weather tomorrow.

3) There ? more bicycles in my town when I was a little girl.

4) There ? a number three bus yet.

5) There ? electricity in my house when I was young.

6) There ? a problem with this car since I bought it.

7) There ? any newspapers tomorrow due to the strike.

8) There ? a water mill here years ago.

9) There ? a lot storms this year. There is flooding everywhere.

10) There ? less pollution here when they pull down that factory.



*Respuestas incorrectas en rojo. Tienes dos intentos.

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Respuestas: (También son válidas aquí las forma contraídas.)

1) have been

2) will be

3) used to be

4) has not been

5) did not use to be

6) has been

7) will not be

8) used to be

9) have been

10) will be

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