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Ejercicio - there is, there are, - tiempos y modales distintos.

Reemplazar "?" con la estructura más apropiada del verbo. Contestar con:
there's going to be,
there would be,
there + presente perfecto

(respuestas en frases afirmativas, negativas o interrogativas).

? more Christmas shoppers if we had more attractive Christmas lights in town.

There would be   


1) ? a rock concert in the football stadium next week. I've already got tickets.

2) If people didn't throw down their rubbish, ? so many flies.

3) ? several robberies in our neighbourhood recently.

4) Run everybody! ? an explosion!

5) ? some wine left if you hadn't drunk it all last night.

6) ? any elephants left if hunting continues in this way.

7) ? some good talks at the teaching conference this year. I enjoyed them all.

8) If there were fewer tourists at the hotel, ? more places to sit by the pool.

9) ? enough drinks for the party if I brought a few bottles?

10) ? many customers in your shop today? All the staff look bored.



*Respuestas incorrectas en rojo. Tienes dos intentos.

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1) There's going to be / There is going to be

2) there wouldn't be / there would not be

3) There have been / (There've been)

4) There's going to be / There is going to be

5) There would be / There'd be, o, posiblemente - There would have been / There would've been

6) There aren't going to be / There're not going to be / There are not going to be (There won't be es también posible aquí)

7) There have been / (There've been)

8) there'd be / there would be

9) Would there be

10) Have there been

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