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Ejercicio - condicional segundo - con would.

Elige la respuesta empleando las palabras entre paréntesis. Todas las frases deben ser en el segundo condicional inglés.

If the weather (was/is) fine tomorrow, we ('d go/'ll go) to the countryside for a picnic.

was                   'd go          


1) If it (rains/rained) tomorrow, we ('ll stay/'d stay) at home.

2) If Mary (got/gets) to work early, she ('ll have/'d have) time to finish the report.

3) Small shops (will close/would close) if so many people (went/go) to hypermarkets.

4) We ('ll visit/'d visit) the new museum if it (doesn't rain/didn't rain) .

5) If you (take/took) the top off, you ('d get/'ll get) the water out.

6) If you (walked/walk) down this street, you ('ll find/'d find) the post office.

7) The paella (won't burn/wouldn't burn) if you (turned down/turn down) the heat.

8) If we (left/leave) now, we ('ll be/'d be) home in time to see the football match.

9) If Mary (doesn't like/didn't like) the present, John (will buy/would buy) something different.

10) My daughter (would finish/will finish) university by 2017 if she (started/starts) this year.



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1) rained - 'd stay

2) got - 'd have

3) would close - went

4) 'd visit - didn't rain

5) took - 'd get

6) walked - 'd find

7) wouldn't burn - turned down

8) left - 'd be

9) didn't like - would buy

10) would finish - started

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