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Ejercicio - some, any, a, an en diversas frases inglesas.

Escribe solamente some o any o a o an en los espacios.

There are ____ serviettes in the cupboard.



1) There are ____ nice shoes in that shop.

2) Is there ____ post office near here?

3) Have you got ____ money you can lend me?

4) I don't have ____ time just now.

5) Would you like ____ more cake?

6) There's ____ orange juice if you don't like tea.

7) Is there ____ orange on the table?

8) Can I have ____ change for this ten pound note, please?

9) Is there ____ good surf on those beaches?

10) "Can I have more time to finish writing this letter, Mr Jones?"
"But we don't have time, Mary."
"Well, maybe you should find new secretary, then."



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1) some

2) a

3) any (some)

4) any

5) some

6) some

7) an (...si significa UNA naranja; any o posiblemente some son posibles si significa zumo de naranja).

8) some

9) any (some)

10) some / any / a

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