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Ejercicio - cómo hacer el superlativo inglés con adjetivos.

Escribir la estructura superlativa del adjetivo entre paréntesis.

The sequoia is (tall) tree in the world.

the tallest   


1) Going past the church is (short) way home.

2) This dress was (expensive) in the shop.

3) My dog is (lazy) animal I know.

4) Mary is (intelligent) girl in our university.

5) Mrs Jones is (friendly) lady in our village.

6) Dino's is (cheap) restaurant in town.

7) Finesterre is (far) place west in the Spanish peninsula.

8) That was (pleasant) meal I've had in a long time.

9) The Spanish Christmas lottery pays (big) prize in the world.

10) Melissa was (bad) athlete in the race.



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1) the shortest

2) the most expensive

3) the laziest

4) the most intelligent

5) the friendliest

6) the cheapest

7) the furthest / the farthest

8) the pleasantest / the most pleasant

9) the biggest

10) the worst

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