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Help with writing and communication skills.

This week - Expressions and wishes for Valentine's day in Spanish...

Welcome to this developing community for learners of Spanish. On the left of this page you will find links to help pages for practical language tasks such as writing emails in Spanish. Here, you'll find model letters and email texts in English and Spanish that you can use and adapt.

There is also a bilingual glossary of useful phrase-book expressions of learner's Spanish for writing at forums, message boards or for use in your informal Spanish emails.

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Improve your Spanish grammar and vocabulary.

There is also a section on Spanish grammar and expressions with short lessons comparing the two languages.

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Travel, Study and Work in Spain.

We live in an era of extensive international travel: visits and holidays or even searching studying and employment opportunities abroad. On this site, you will find language help for creating Spanish curriculum vitae and related correspondence to help the learner who aspires to finding study openings or work abroad. There then follows a page of links to web sites offering positions of employment in these countries, which range from executive posts to summer jobs.


Raising bilingual children (English - Spanish).

Blog articles added periodically showing the progress of a real case-study of a bilingual child. We invite parents who would also like their children to be bilingual or are currently going through the experience of bringing up a bilingual child to contribute their ideas, achievements and frustrations at our new forum on bilingual children.

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